At the ripe old age of 18, Glen discovered a passion for custom cars and mini-trucks. Wanting to create a unique interior for his own 1979 Dodge mini-truck, Glen decided to go to summer school. Upholstery school! His teacher was master upholsterer Henry Castillo. Henry had a background in automotive upholstery from the 1950’s. That’s right. Tuck and Roll baby!

Glen proceeded to learn the basics. Cording, cushions, vinyl tops, convertible tops and even bucket seats. But it was the after school lessons that were the most valuable. Henry worked with Glen to create a custom mini-truck that would go on to win multiple awards in International Car Shows and competitions. In 1981, his truck “The Jazz Man” was accepted into the pages of MINITRUCK Magazine. From there, the business began to grow.

    Now, 30 plus years later, Glen has brought his experience and creativity to Las Vegas. Finding a renewed enthusiasm for upholstery, Glen has redirected his talents toward home furnishings. With an eye for color and design, Glen injects a flare of style and elegance in all of his work. Even a simple dining room chair can become a work of art in his studio. Glen loves what he does… and it shows.